DEAR FATHERS a poem by Evon Smith dedicated to PepperBrooks

Evon Smith & PepperBrooks

I am a Daddyless Daughter and I’ve been on a quest to find my father for the last 10 years.

Evon wrote, recorded and dedicated a poem to me titled DEAR FATHERS.

DEAR FATHERS is an emotional composition of the pain and anguish felt by our fatherless generation.

Fatherlessness effects us all, it is a social epidemic, especially in my community.

Children who do not have a father in the home face emotional deprivation, which leaves them vulnerable to crime, abuse, poor academic performance and mental illness.

Dear Fathers let’s reverse the statistics, broken homes and change history. Please…men…be a father…


I proudly introduce DEAR FATHERS by Evon Smith

If you’d like Evon to perform at your next event, please complete the contact form below:

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