Contour or Not to Contour This Is The ?


I just want to start off by taking a moment of silence for all the bad contours around the world and then blaming Kim Kardashian.

Now lets talk about this love hate I have with contouring.  I’ve personally never done this or attempted to do this, but I’ve definitely seen pictures and watched many videos of this technique.  When done well contouring can turn a face into a masterpiece, a work of makeup art.  When not done well it can have some women looking like an abstract painting that nobody quite understands.

Contouring is defined as, “Giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through makeup.” That sounds lovely if only it wasn’t taken overboard, nothing is worse than staring at a face packed with unblended concealer and bronzer. *sips tea* I guess the moral of this post is just to contour responsibly ladies so you…

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