HE’S BACKKK! It’s not Grey, it’s ‘White’ Yardie throwing 50 Shades

White Yardie - Photo Credit: PepperBrooks

White Yardie

Newly engaged comic returns to Toronto on Sunday, March 8th for the Juice Comedy, titled…

“Doh Correct Mi Patois”

If you missed the last show, White Yardie aka Prince Harry won over his West-Indian counterparts with his heavy Jamaican accent, fresh from England, dressed in army camouflage and black, green, and gold Air Max 90’s. White Yardie came ready to dis and destroy, bantering cross-cultural jokes, bordering the sensitivity line, to a sold-out audience in a two-part comedy competition on at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto.

Here’s a recap:

White Yardie delivered an energetic performance with no shortage to his routine, he gets deep in ethnic-related comedic combat and actually forgets to start his original set.

His observational comedy makes up most of his act, as he describes the cultural differences and similarities of White-Europeans and White-Jamaicans; but savouring the punch lines for his opponents. No stiff upper lip here!

On stage, Yardie unapologetically addresses his irritation of loud speaking Africans, who he believes shout in simple conversations; causing the public to think they are in a serious argument or dispute. He improvises and questions whether Africans learn how to read in all CAPITAL LETTERS. Immediately, all the West Indians, in the crowd roared in belly busting and knee slapping laughter; separating the gap between both Team West Indies and Team Africa.

As a true Englishman, he formally educates the crowd with a linguistic lesson on the correct use and pronunciation of the word ‘plantain’, interchangeably switching between patois and the Queen’s English.

And he didn’t overlook the ladies; he spoiled them with a special treat of his whining skills and excellent formation of the Willy Bounce (dance). Yardie’s sole act may have tipped the winning scale over to Team West Indies, who took the 2014 Juice Comedy Cup home in November.

Overall, his performance act is quite royal for an ordinary courier driver that began his career sharing 15 second videos on social media; showcasing his talents with consistent features on Instagram. His on-stage persona is quick, unrehearsed and authentically funny!

White Yardie, is quickly establishing himself as a culturally diverse comedian, building his brand internationally. Let’s see what Mr. Yardie has to say on March 8th, don’t miss ‘The Return of White Yardie’ at Seven44 Restaurant – 744 Mt. Pleasant Toronto Ontario M4S 2N6

Tickets on sale Thursday, February 12, 2015.  For more information, please call 647-98JUICE (58423) or visit http://www.juicecomedytoronto.com


White Yardie’s posted this comment about my post  on Instagram and Twitter 😉

Instagram: (www.instagram.com/wyardie)


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