PepperBrooks Nominated for Best Blogger in the 2015 Black Canadian Awards

Fans Can Vote Online to Help PepperBrooks win Top Honour:


Toronto, Canada — The 2015 Black Canadian Awards announced today that PepperBrooks has been nominated for Best Blogger. The 2015 Black Canadian Awards will be held on Saturday June 6th in Toronto. An event focused on showcasing several industries and empowering the community.

The new Toronto Police chief Mark Saunders, a recipient in 2014, will be the keynote speaker with the theme “Dream Bigger, Aim Higher”, sharing on his core principles of excellence and aiming for perfection.

Nominees like PepperBrooks are setting the standard for storytelling, creativity and transparency on the Internet. As a child, before the concept of the social media, PepperBrooks wrote her own unofficial blog posts, journaling what she ate for breakfast, the cartoons she watched, and her everyday experiences in Sudbury, Ontario.

Her grandmother used to catch her all the time, writing in the dark and say, “Go to sleep…you’re going to write your life away!” She was right, hence the inception of The PuRRR Blogumentary.IMG_1233

PepperBrooks | Persona of the North | The

‘PepperBrooks, Persona of the North, my alter ego personality is everything I wanted to be when I couldn’t. PepperBrooks was secretly tucked away, hidden behind the trauma of domestic violence, grief and teen pregnancy. Carefully and slowly, I am portioning my personal experiences through my blog, in a public outlet, in hopes that my truth can be a helpful tool to one’s discovery of authenticity and personal healing.” — PepperBrooks

As a nominee, PepperBrooks is eligible to win the Best Blogger Award, which is voted online by fans across the globe. From now until June 4th, PepperBrooks fans can cast their votes at

“It is an unbelievable achievement to be selected this year amongst the best in this category.” — PepperBrooks

Winners will be announced on Saturday, June 6, 2015 and honoured at a formal ceremony hosted by Hodan Nalayeh of Integration TV and Randall Mitchell, a Toronto based TV host and Author.

About The 2015 Black Canadian Awards:

The Black Canadian Awards is organized by the Diversity Advancement Network for Saturday June 6th at the prestigious Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto. This diversity event, celebrates success stories and achievements of trail-blazers and leaders within

Canada and beyond. Awards will be given to Role Models and individuals who have excelled in Business, Community, Arts and Entertainment.

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Contact: Karen Lopez

Phone: 416-838-7945


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