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Desperate and Thirsty Women – 1st YouTube Video

Earlier this week, I introduced a micro trailer and a blooper clip, and as I mentioned before this video conquest was for me. I’m learning to be more comfortable in front of the camera and conquering my fear of public speaking that so many of us share. It took me a while to warm up, […]

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BLOOPER: Evon & PepperBrooks (Movie Phone)

Watch us as we go through trials and errors while recording our first YouTube Video ever! Do you need Evon to record your professional voicemail greeting? Send us a message for a free quote 🙂

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How a Jazz Legend inspired my ‘full-time’ job

My teenage aunts and uncles watched the Lady Sings the Blues, a biographical movie, on our new colour RCA television. I was scared and I hid behind the single seat recliner, I was maybe three or four years old. I cried behind that recliner, I didn’t know why, but I was overcome with sadness. Perhaps, […]

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Rest in Peace Nelson Mandela

Rest in Peace, Dear Mr. Nelson Mandela  If I had a teaspoon of your courage, strength and tenacity…  

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TV & Movie – Wardrobe – Props – Set Sale!

  “Nikita Season 4” is having a wardrobe/props and sets sale. All are welcome to attend! MAYNARD’S GIANT TV & MOVIE WARDROBE/PROPS/SET SALE Sunday, October 20th, 10am – 5pm Monday, October 21st, 10am – 7pm Tuesday, October 22nd, 10am – 5pm 4 years of Wardrobe, Props, and Sets including: Kitchenware, Arts, Lamps, Linens, Baggage, Pillows, […]

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