TYLOAKS Distribution To Be Official Sponsor of The PuRRR BLOG

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TYLOAKS Distribution To Be Official Sponsor of The PuRRR BLOG


Toronto, June 10, 2015 – TYLOAKS Distribution today announced that it will be the Official Sponsor of the The PuRRR Blog. By sponsoring Canada’s award winning lifestyle blog, TYLOAKS is reinforcing its commitment, encouraging Canadians to live a healthy lifestyle, by introducing its fastest growing high-quality products developed to meet the demand of conscientious consumers.

We understand the impact PepperBrooks (Blogger & Human Services Counsellor) has had on families and individuals in the community; she strives to improve the quality of life of others and we look forward to partnering with her brand, to make positive contributions to the effects of health management, through our goods.

“Sponsoring The PuRRR expands our brand a whole new demographic,” says, Howard Mellad, Founder and CEO, “Encouraging people to use natural and authentic food choices is aligned with PepperBrooks’ story of coming into her own authenticity, showing her organic truth through an insightful narrative of her life.”

Oaks products also include:

Organic Flax seed oil

Organic Hempseed oil

Organic Coconut oil

Organic Virgin Coconut oil

I’m a huge fan of Coconut Oil, although most people use it to cook, I use it for my hair and skin. Coconut Oil is a natural moisturizer and sunscreen, a lot of people are not aware of its benefits.” said PepperBrooks.

Follow @ThePuRRRBlog, @PepperBrooks and @OakLtd on Twitter and visit their respective websites for more information, as well www.tyloaksdistribution.com to learn more about the benefits of our coconut products and Canadian Prairie Produced Oils and Grains

About TYLOAKS Distribution

At TYLOAKS Distribution Inc. we distribute quality coconut products as well as Canadian prairie produced oils and grains. All our products start with Non genetically modified (Non GMO) sustainably grown crops. We distribute our home brands Oaks and Herbs, as well as Celebes and Three Kings from the Philippines. Our vision is to provide customers with naturally, eco-sourced products that will contribute towards the maintenance of good health, while doing so at an affordable price.

– 30 –

Contact: Karen Lopez

Phone: 416-838-7945

Email: writology at gmail.com

Family of products

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