9 Key Points I learned at the Canadian Urban Music Conference

9. A ‘hook’ should be no longer than four bars. What’s a hook? Click Here!

8. The urban market is single (track) driven, gone are the days of full album promotion. After six songs an artist can receive a bar code.

7. Grants can be project based, divide your funding by categories: film, digital, song writing, music videos, distribution…

6. An artist may qualify for a Sound Recording Tax Credit. Read more… HERE

5. Publishers can make up to 50% profit for a track; song writers up to 33%. A good example of creative control, publishing, royalties, licensing and owning rights to your music is Nelly Furtado. Remember this song? ‘I’m Like a Bird’

4. You can make money from YouTube videos? Yuuup! YouTube views, build and establish credit as a new artist. Post videos, market your content, track statistics, and collect proof. Here’s a Socan Guide to YouTube. Know your rights and make $$$ —> GUIDE

3. Plan an excellent tour strategy. To receive concert royalties, members must submit a Notification of Live Music Performance (NLMP) form that provides details about their performance. (A $6 per person minimum cover must be charged for any club performance in order for it to be eligible for payment by SOCAN.)

2. It takes money to make money; Canadian artists must invest in their musical career. eSOCAN enables you to sign-up for and manage your SOCAN licences online. Applying for a licence, submitting licence reports, and paying online can be done simply and quickly.

1. Best quote of the night…”How do you become? I just became!” – Beat Factory

By @PepperBrooks

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