9 signs you are being used


  1. If you align the stories/lip service with the actions and they don’t match, usually that means there’s a missing link and that missing link is called manipulation folks.
  2. They call when they need something or allude to needing something, hoping (because you’re a good person and you care) that you will offer to help. You’re around only at their convenience; they monopolize your time, your conversations, your good nature and your energy. Press the ignore button!
  3. When they act like your boyfriend/girlfriend, but won’t admit or make a commitment. They are using you. You guys do everything that couples do, but gosh forbid if you actually called each other a couple out loud. It is the tug-of-war pretend relationship and they can let go at any minute!
  4. Are you tired of hearing, “Let’s see where this goes…”, “You never know what can happen…”, “I can definitely see myself with you…in the future.” Don’t hang on the words of woulda, coulda, shoulda, they have no intention of being with you. You are serving a purpose but it’s for their gain, not yours. Listen up! Don’t be the back up plan or the second choice!
  5. Do you hear I love you, one week, and 2 days later, I don’t need you, 3 days after, I miss you? You’re being taken on an emotional roller-coaster. Recognize it and get off quick! They are emotionally dependent of you for whatever deficit they are feeling in their lives. Don’t be their emotional crutch.
  6. Have you been asked to run errands, complete tasks, or use your talent to ‘support’ them, but when you need the ‘support’, you have to justify it or explain why. Perhaps, they even tune you out completely and find excuses not to help YOU when you need it. Ditch him!
  7. Do they tell you deep dark secrets to build your trust to wrap you in and make you believe that you are ‘special’? It’s another manipulation tactic. Recognize!
  8. They observe and keep mental notes of your vulnerabilities and go after it like prey. They creep up on you, wait for the right moments and catch you off guard. They are also good sales people and have the manipulative tactics to take advantage of you.
  9. Trust your gut!

I’ve been there, many times! And it hurts! Instead of being more guarded, I consciously (with a lot of self-talk) decided to use pain, to help someone else with theirs. I forgave easily, to free myself from the negative emotions that my ‘Pain Body’ would thrive from and grow. I stopped the movie in head before it became a motion picture film and consumed my whole spirit. What is a Pain-Body? Click Here to find out!

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