9 Rules to Live by when Someone Hurts your Feelings

PepperBrooks 9 Rules

Note the tissue in my left hand!

1. In all seriousness, Karma is a B! Use the idea of Karma to let it go. Just know that their are higher spirits that never sleep.

PB — Ok, that was a bit mean…but here’s the nicer stuff…

2. Don’t change, remain true to yourself and don’t become bitter or revengeful. Be the same person you were before they hurt you.

3. Don’t let them have the power of your happiness. Easier said then done, right? Don’t let them suck the life out of you! They won’t be resting on their pillow and going to bed thinking about you, so why should you? Cry about it, sob, feel sorry for yourself and then get over it. Quickly!

PB — It’s so easy for me say, but I’m an extremely sensitive person. So when someone hurts me, I take it to heart, I think about, I let the movie play and press rewind to start it over and over again. I recreate the whole conversation/scenario/email in my mind until I can finally talk myself into believing that they are not worth my tears!

4. Press that pen to the paper and write it down. Hence the reason for this blog post.

5. Ask yourself if the hurt was triggered from an experience in your past or if it is a fresh wound? Acknowledge your feelings. Be honest with yourself.

6. Ask them why they hurt you? Explain how their actions made you feel. Maybe they didn’t know they hurt you, maybe they might gain a better perspective on the situation and apologize for their actions. Don’t be afraid, you actually might find some relief in their answer.

7. Forgive them and then forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for any negative thoughts, whether it may be about yourself or about them.

8. Replace the hurt with compassion. As my grandmother used to say, “…kill them with kindness.” — not because you want to win them over or play games but because it makes YOU feel good about yourself!

9. Take care of yourself. You are important. You matter.

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