PuRRRfectly Conquering My Fears!

Most people forget their new year resolutions after a month…Remember mine? Click Here if you don’t remember

I’ve decided to not break my resolutions. Hence the video below. I am conquering my fear of public speaking! Listed as #6

My heart will be racing when I hit the publish, more importantly, public button. I’m happy, excited and nervous to share this experience with you, the public, but in all honesty this video is for me…I DID IT! In a few days, I’ll be sharing my 9 tips on how I’m conquering my fear of public speaking!

With that said, here is a micro clip of my first and maybe ONLY video…published on YouTube for the whole WORLD (with Internet) to see!



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  1. Desperate and Thirsty Women – 1st YouTube Video | The PuRRR - May 30, 2014

    […] this week, I introduced a micro trailer and a blooper clip, as I mentioned before this video conquest was for […]


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