Dear Father…where are you?


Raymond Joseph (my father)

Fathers are the most important men in a little girls life, they provide emotional and physical security, establish self-worth and they set a standard that is hard for other’s to reach.

I’m not so little anymore, but it’s not too late…

I met my father for the first time, when I was 5 years old. He came to visit me from Ottawa, Canada, he had a Michael Jackson (Off the Wall) afro and huge sideburns. I ran away from him at the train station when he tried to hung me. He was a stranger, I didn’t except hugs from strangers.

Until now…

Didn’t see or speak to my father again, until I was 13. He took my cousin and I to the movies, we watched ‘The Blob’, we ate and when we got home he presented me with a set of gold earrings.

Your presence, not your present, is worth more than gold…

Every Father’s Day is a painful seal of your absence. I can barely handle seeing all the social media profile pictures change, the notifications, the news feed, the likes, the comments. It’s the modern day reminder of the wasted construction paper, glue, glitter, colouring pencils, and crayons in elementary school.

Proudly making hand-made cards that ended up secretly tossed in the ditch…

Every Hallmark commercial, every tie, every June!

Every tear…

Raymond, do you think about me on Father’s day? Do you think about me at all?

I think about you…I love you!

Please help me find my father…important facts below:

Raymond JosephDaddyless Daughter

Born in Saint Lucia, West Indies

Date Birth: June 11 195? (I think)

He lived in Sudbury and Ottawa.

He went to University in Ottawa and studied Graphic Design

He was married to a woman named Magda

I have 3 brothers that I know of… DeMark, Clem and Chad

If you have any information, have a good lead or if you think you can help, please contact me.

Thank you!

*Reporter mentioned in the video… Stan Bishop (if the link doesn’t work, search Stan Bishop in St. Lucia, West Indies)

Raymond Joseph (left) - Original Picture

Raymond Joseph (left) – Original Picture

Here is the article about my father –>



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