How do you fit a LION in a CUP?

Pep & Ev humbled by THE LION!

Pep & Ev humbled by THE LION!

Evon and I were on a mission one evening; we both work a 9 to 5, and rushed through Toronto’s rush hour gridlock to make it to T by Daniel before closing time. Toronto’s newest and favourite tea hotspot!

I met Daniel Lewis, Owner/Founder of T by Daniel, a few times at various small business and networking events, he encouraged me to stick with the branding for my northern persona ‘PepperBrooks’. Thanks Daniel 😉

I’ve also been touched by Daniel’s story….Daniel suffered a near-death experience which led him discover his passion. The creation of PepperBrooks and The PuRRR is also from my own personal tragedy that I suffered…this we have in common.

My adversity changed my entire LIFE!

For some people tragedy can break them, but for others, tragedy can open a critical window of opportunity for a second chance. A chance to fuel your destiny! Because of Daniel’s strength and his positive outlook on life, Daniel continues to inspire me and I declare myself as one of his #1 fans!

I have a confession, I’ve been really selfish, I’ve kept this secret to myself for a long time. Here it goes…are you guys ready…?

I have discovered heaven on earth! And it comes in a cup! I bet you didn’t know tea can be this good?

It’s called THE LIONjust like Daniel the Tea Leaf Hunter, Ferocious Marketer and King of Courage with a Powerful Story!

Join Evon and I as we safari to T by Daniel – Twitter @tbydaniel

ROARRR!!! I mean…


Please let us know if you’ve sampled a bit of heaven…we’d love to know! –> Contact

Daniel Lewis has turned his life around from tragedy to a sweet new business called T by Daniel

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