Joan Rivers, an early pioneer in Urban Comedy…can we talk?

Joan_Rivers_at_Udderbelly_09We’ve all heard her name and we know what she is about, straight out of the Brooklyn, with a crass comedic style and borderline polite vulgarness, Joan Rivers may be one of the first true pioneers in urban comedy.

Joan is a rebel, she broke open doors and kick faced rejection, and knocked out discrimination right in the old boys club. Her laughter was radical just like her jokes; a bold feminist who dared to ‘tell it like it is’ until the end.

In the 1960’s, Joan performed 100’s of comedy shows in the colourful and artistic Greenwich Village, also known as the Urban Bohemia; a true reflection and influence of her audaciousness. Like Greenwich, Joan stood alone in New York City being the catalyst for new ideas, stretching the limit, yet, unknowingly creating a trail of alternative thinking and ostentation for new comics…urban comics.

I’m sure many urban comedian really like Joan, I’m sure many of them don’t know why either. What we do know is …that people love to laugh, Joan made us laugh, laughter makes us comfortable, and comfort is a gesture between two friends… (a lot clearer now isn’t it)

In between the laughter, her feminist approach tested some nerves; she was stubborn with perseverance in an environment that was not conducive to women. Joan never adapted, never changed her routine, her audiences adapted to her, she never flipped the script; she carved a niche for women that was unconventional and appreciated by the minority. Thank you!

Joan is a hustler that ‘pimped her ride’ using comedy as a vehicle to address controversial topics, skilfully making radical remarks palatable enough to not offend the average person. Brilliance! 

International tributes extend to Joan Rivers’ legacy which ended and re-birthed a year ago on September 4, 2014 at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

Joan Rivers is a pop culture icon, an activist and philanthropist and some may say an urban legend…

#CanWeTalk? What do you say, Joan Rivers an Urban Comedian Pioneer? 

Urban Celebrities pay homage, here are a few quotes:

Chris Rock “She was the hippest comedian from the time she started to the day she died.”

Sinbad “I understand we have lost Joan Rivers. I had the opportunity to work with her a couple of times. Loved her and funny as hell! Great woman.”

Whoopi Goldberg “My friend Joan Rivers has passed away once again to quote Billy Crystal…There are no words. Bon Voyage Joan.”

Kevin Hart “She was 81 and passed away doing what she loved which is amazing, that’s the dream…regardless of age you can always live your talent….she broke boundaries, with a person like that, you don’t sulk, you celebrate…”

FACT: Joan Rivers married her husband Edgar Rosenberg in Jamaica four days after they met!

#FRIDAYREADSBOUNCING BACK: I’ve Survived Everything … and I Mean EVERYTHING …and you can too by Joan Rivers


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