Top 9 Tweets from Defiant Students! #ComediansTaughtMe

‏A long, long, time ago… (like two weeks ago) #ComediansTaughtMe was trending on Twitter. As a comedy journalist for, I was quite intrigued by this hashtag. What were comedians teaching and who would listen? Aren’t comedians supposed to just make us laugh – isn’t that their job or are they really informal educators who like to speak the truth? Let’s take a look at what these defiant students have to say!


1. @dadonrnb said: #ComediansTaughtMe how parents of races all over the world like to hit their kids.


2. ‏@davidmkeynes said: #ComediansTaughtMe #NoBraDay is a BIG lie!

THE PURRR: …said no one EVER with double D’s

3. @RMullinax75 said: #ComediansTaughtMe That your family members are often the best people to use in your jokes.

THE PURRR: That just might be accurate!


4. @Herby_Roller said: #ComediansTaughtMe you never get no respect

The PuRRR: Comedians don’t respect this tweet…

5. @PaulOddo said: #ComediansTaughtMe that there’s a lot of money in puppet shows.

6. @smellysaurusrex said: #ComediansTaughtMe pretty much everything I know.

The PuRRR: …but your handle though…

7. @walmartswarrior said: #ComediansTaughtMe that Seinfeld isn’t funny

8. @IBreatheWonder said: #ComediansTaughtMe Hashtaggers are more corny than funny

9. @wavemywand said: #ComediansTaughtMe that you NEVER EVER want to sit in the front row

BONUS. @JLatest1 said: #ComediansTaughtMe all about yo mama!

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