Social Media Sucks!

and you know what…?

No one really cares, because the possibility of caring is one thumb scroll away and that ____ is scary. 

I’m not sure I want to desensitize myself anymore to the true and real emotions of people. I’m not sure I can keep up!

Digital communication is moving fast. Posts, DM’s, Photos, Gifs, Videos, Emojis, Stories, Live…etc…what will it be tomorrow?

It’s a lot!

I love the subject but that’s what I would like it to be – not my existence.

I’m becoming less of a person and more like a robot. I don’t want to lose my social cues. I don’t want to be generic, yet I know I’ll be thumbing up someone’s achievement and sad facing someone’s bereavement by the time you read this. 

I’m hoping you’ve read this far, (because I don’t have everyone’s phone number on my email list), God forbid if I post a longer post than what Mashable or some infographic told me to do on Pinterest.

Deep air-sucking sigh.

This quote sums it up. 

Too many people have peed in the pool…the fun is over.

– Stephen Fry

Sometimes social media sucks and I’m a sucker.

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