Growing up in Sudbury and being only black child in an all French School was not easy! I’ve been called every racially affiliated name that ever existed. I grew up thinking I was ‘too black’ then moved to Toronto where I was bullied again for being ‘too white’. I’ve been subjected to bullying in the workplace and unhealthy relationships with years of insults, intimidation and physical abuse. Today, I am a Human Services Counsellor (full-time) and I’m able to encourage others to stand up against bullying in a positive and safe manner; and develop strategies that help victims cope, ripen social skills and improve self-esteem. TOGETHER, LET”S END BULLYING!

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One Comment on “END BULLYING!”

  1. Janny February 28, 2014 at 8:33 am #

    you were a little flower that any body could hurt it ,and turn to a tree that not only dosent bend but people lean on it ! good job


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