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Welcome to The PuRRR!

@ThePuRRRBlog Congratulations! Saw your nomination for the 2015 Black Canadian Awards! — BLACK CANADIAN AWARD (@BlackCanadians) May 27, 2015 Ever since I was a little girl, I have always kept a journal. Before the concept of the Internet, I wrote my own unofficial tweets, journaling what I ate for breakfast, the cartoons I watched, and […]

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Vlog or not vlog, this is the question?

  I come from a family of comedians, entertainers and just plain crazy! We want to start our own family vlog channel…yuuup…you read, right! It’s so funny, cause no one hesitated, everyone was on board right from the get-go! BUT before we sign the contract which forever binds us together virtually, we decided (spur of […]

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Trixx and PepperBrooks

The 80’s have two things in common Ferris Bueller & Comedian TRIXX

Toronto’s Comedian Trixx Can Be Considered As Comedy’s Ferris Bueller

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HE’S BACKKKKKK! It’s not Grey, it’s ‘White’ Yardie throwing 50 Shades

Newly engaged comic returns to Toronto on Sunday, March 8th for the Juice Comedy, titled… “Doh Correct Mi Patois”…Tea anyone? But that’s none of my business! If you missed the last show, White Yardie aka Prince Harry won over his West-Indian counterparts with his heavy Jamaican accent, fresh from England, dressed in army camouflage and black, green, and gold […]

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Add Pepper to your Job Search – Visual & Professional Resume Design

Social Media has becoming a critical part of job searching, especially with platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Stop that Hiring Manager’s automated resume scan by capturing their attention with a customized eye-catching design. Have you ever trusted a service to make a difference in your job search? A small investment can make a […]

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Who is your Ideal Client? Download a FREE Customer Profile Template today!

You have a great business idea and you’re in the process of writing your business plan, but you’re wondering…who are your clients? I don’t want to crush your dreams but not everyone is your client. So, who are they? Is it worth it to find out? Throughout the years of consulting with new entrepreneurs, many […]

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