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Welcome to The PuRRR!

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always kept a journal. Before the concept of the Internet, I wrote my own unofficial tweets, journaling what I ate for breakfast, the cartoons I watched, and my step-by-step choreography for every song on the Thriller album. I used to stay up past my bedtime, and […]

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andre guy art

Who wants to meet a FIRE Breather?

Of course you do! No Brainer. Like who wouldn’t…Seriously? Ok OK, how about Complimentary Champagne and Giveaways? Ahhh, now you’re interested! LOL! If you’re an art lover like I am, don’t miss the Art House Celebration event! Life Records Entertainment Group returns with a second installment of their new art driven event series, Art House. […]

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PepperBrooks’ Visual Resume

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It’s SMALL BUSINESS MONTH! 5 Free Business Plan Tools!

Small Business Month celebrates the important contributions entrepreneurs make to their local communities. As a small business owner (my clients)  it’s truly important to take the time to develop your business plan and grow your business idea. A business plan is not just for grants or a bank loan; it is a practical guide and organizational […]

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Canadian Citizenship Week

Family Law Resources for MEN (Greater Toronto Area)

FAMILY LAW for MEN Family Law Information Centres (FLIC) services are available in family courts across Ontario. At the FLIC you can find information about separation and divorce and related family law issues, family justice services, alternative forms of dispute resolution, local community resources and court processes. They can give you information about family mediation […]

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Annual Biker Boyz Blocko: PHOTO GALLERY (PepperBrooks & Friends)

Annual BIKER BOYZ BLOCKO 11  ~DeBikerBoyz~   4 wheels carry the body, 2 wheels carry the soul PepperBrooks MEDIA BIKER BOYZ BLOCKO on Social Media Male and female riders, riders of every ethnicity, riders of all brands of motorcycles and people from all walks of life and experiences. Our goal is to promote rider camaraderie and […]

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