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…Battling Mental Illness NOT Battling Demons…

End inappropriate language. End the Stigma. #BellLetsTalk #MentalHealthMatters

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Jean Paul John, Maximillian

Meet Canada’s Newest Relationship Specialist, Speaker & Writer

Many people fell in love this year, many are in love and are continuing their love – for others the best is yet to come! I’d like to introduce you to Canada’s Newest Relationship Specialist, Speaker & Writer, Maximilian. I’m proud to represent and brand his talent, as he spreads the importance of building trust […]

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Remembering Comedian Charlie Barnett on World AIDS Day, not a joking matter.

HIV and AIDS is not a joking matter. Even though Comedian Charlie Barnett’s matter was comedy. Born in West Virginia in 1954, Charlie began his career in the 1970’s in the New York City’s hub for Urban Bohemia. A legendary street comedian who was brash and fearless performed in front a diverse audience, pioneered comedic racial differences […]

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I totally suck at dating!

I was on the phone with a good male friend of mine, giving him the run-down of my latest dating adventure when he stopped my rambling and asked me if I realized something. I thought he going to point out my excessive story telling abilities that’s kept him on the phone for many hours (poor guy). […]

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Top 9 Tweets from Defiant Students! #ComediansTaughtMe

‏A long, long, time ago… (like two weeks ago) #ComediansTaughtMe was trending on Twitter. As a comedy journalist for ComedyHype.com, I was quite intrigued by this hashtag. What were comedians teaching and who would listen? Aren’t comedians supposed to just make us laugh – isn’t that their job or are they really informal educators who like […]

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